The Loto roof box uses a special technique with integrated extensions to the fasteners, which eliminates the need of roof racks, please see our Assembly Instructions.
The fasteners varies based on the car model, but the roof box fits all car models.
Today we have fasteners for almost all modern cars, the only requirement on the car is to be equipped with built in rails.
This attachment technique in combination with our design of the roof box creates better aerodynamic, minimal noise and almost no increase on gas consumption as well as provides a slim, streamlined look.

It is easy to load the Loto roof box. It opens from behind but it's high opening allows for loading from the side as well as from the back.
To secure your load, the box is equipped with three adjustable straps.

The roof box also has a lock with two belonging keys.

With a volume of 390 Liters you easily fit in the family's ski gear, no matter if it's cross country skiing, downhill or snowboards.

You can order the Loto roof box in the default colors of black and silver for recommended price 10.999 SEK.

You can also order your custom Loto roof box in any color you want.
In order to get the box in the exact same color as your car, we use the same color code to color the box.
Recommended price for custom boxes are 14.999 SEK.

Volume: 390 Liter
Height: 290 mm
Width: 900 mm
Length: 2130 mm
Total Weight: 26 kg
The space between the car roof and the roof box is adjustable but normally around 15-25 mm.


Car models that fits the Loto Q box:

Audi:           A4 Allroad, A6 Allroad. A4 (2001-2008), A6 (1997-2005), Q7

BMW:         X5, X3. 5-series, (1995-2010), 3-series, (1998-2012)

Honda:       Accord

Hyundai:   Santa fe (2000-2012)

Mazda:       Mazda 6

Mercedes: C-class, E-class, GLK-Class, M-Class

Peugot:      407

Porsche:   Cayenne

Saab:          9-5, 9-3

Skoda:       Octavia, Superb

Toyota:      Avensis (2003-2008), Landcruiser

VW:            Passat, Passat Alltrack, Sharan, Touareg, Touran

Volvo:        V50, V70, XC70, XC90