Loto was founded in 2003 by the innovator and entrepreneur Lorentz Landström. He was inspired by the lack of options and the limitations he experienced among car accessories, especially among roof boxes. This inspired him to design the first Loto roof box that essentially combines both style and function. The Loto box enhances the beauty of the car and adds the extra functionality and space that you seek. Lorentz began the journey for Loto, a company with the vision and aim to develop, push and innovate the market for car accessories. Today we’re proud to still have Lorentz as part of our leadership team.

We have a true passion for roof boxes.


Loto 12 is located in Lapland, Sweden, 100km north of the polar circle in Malmberget, Gällivare Municipality (Latitude: 67°10′31″ N and Longitude: 20°39′17″ E). We are a small company that works hard to create useful roof boxes with high quality and a perfect design. Our flagship is the world’s best looking roof box, the Loto Q, which we sell and distribute all over Europe. We continuously work to improve our products and to positively influence and develop the market for car accessories