Two people are required in order to mount this
product properly.  
Read through the manual carefully before starting to assemble the roof box.

The following tools are needed to assemble the box:          

1 Box spanner size 17
2 Box spanners size 10
1 Allen key size 6


You can download the assembly instructions here AssemblyInstructions_LotoQ.pdf or continue reading.



If the car has a GPS antenna, please start with step 1, otherwise go to step 2.

1. In the rear of the box there is a hole for an antenna. Mount the rubber disc and cut an incision for your antenna if required.           


2. Glue the protective rubber patches no.6 to the fasteners.


3. Attach the protective screw nut covers to the fasteners.

4. Slide the fasteners into the holes of the roof box.

5. Put plugs into the holes that are not used.


6. Mount the straps by screwing in bolt nr.1 so that the fasteners are able to slide in and out of the box.
OBS! The fasteners should not be able to rotate.



7. Mount the gas cylinders into the gas cylinder holders.

8. Tighten all the screw nuts, then unscrew them a quarter of a turn.

9. Put a carpet or blanket on the roof of the car to protect it from scratching during the assembly.

10. Lift the roof box onto the car with the fasteners lying on the railing.

11. Ensure the rubber patches embraces the railing.

12. Position the roof box.

13. Press the fasteners towards the railings so that the outside of the attachments lies against the railings.  Tighten bold nr.1.

14. Shut and lock the box.

15. Fasten the fasteners to the railing by mounting bolt nr.3 and plate nr.4. Tighten well. 


16. For optimal performance, minimize the gap between the roof and the roof box.
OBS! The distance between the roof and the roof box should never be less than 15mm.

17. Adjust the distance by loosen/tighten bold no.2.


18. Tighten all the nuts no.2 for the 4 corner fasteners.

19. Lift the middle part of the box slightly upwards and tighten the nut nr.2 on the middle fasteners.

20. Cut the bellow no.5 to the proper length and fit it onto the fastener as in the picture.


Good luck!